Welcome, glad to see you find this page.  Over the years I have been been lucky enough to find myself part of the SQL community.  One of the aspects of this community is the willingness to share knowledge with others.  This page is just a list of resources that I want to share with the community.  If there is something missing please let me know the details so I can add it.  Otherwise, enjoy.

Oh yes ! This is a work in progress, there a lot more that I am going to add.

Power BI

Guy In A Cube

Power BI is a technology which I freely admit that I really like.  After using the visuals in Excel, then I knew this was something different.

Guy In Cube
This was started by Adam Saxton (who has the most amazing t-shirt collection BTW), now he is joined by the awesome Patrick LeBlanc.   The videos are short and cover usually just one topic, they are excellent teachers.  As new features are introduced they take time to talk about them and show you how to use them.

You Tube
Website - https://guyinacube.com/